Welcome to Lone Wolf Ranch Music & Books. We hope you enjoy our new site. We have worked very hard on building it. The main thing we want to tell you here is that while we do not allow you to order directly from the site it is still an easy process.

You simply fill out our Order Enquiry Form with your music or book selections and hit send. We take it and verify that we have the items and then we get right back to you via email or telephone (whichever you prefer). If you do not want to fill out the form feel free to text message us with your requests.

It is then up to you to purchase the items and it is up to you how you want to pay. You can order directly with us over the telephone using a debit or credit card; you can send us a check or money order via the US Mail; or we can prepare an invoice for you and email it to you. You can then follow the link in the invoice to PayPal. Once there you can enter a debit card or credit card number or you can use your Pay Pal account if you have one.

We are here to make it easy on you. If you do not want to be bothered by any of the above you can simply purchase a Gift Certificate/Credit for the inmate by filling out our Inmate Donation Form. Just click here for the Gift/Donation Form and we will write the inmate and work with them directly. We thank you for stopping by and hope to hear from you.